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Hi, I'm

I help online businesses scale through quality content creation. 

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Michelle Mattison has helped countless businesses gain authority, brand favorability, and new customers with the strategic use of high quality copy. 

As a full time internet marketer, Michelle listens to the holistic needs of your business and works with you to craft a message that compels your audience to take action.

A great blog drives traffic to your website, improves your SEO, increases your brand authority, and helps you develop better relationships with your customers and clients. 

No matter your industry, my blog content can help your business scale!

Email marketing continually proves to be one of the best, and most cost effective ways for businesses to increase revenue. 

Whether you’re building up to a sale or product launch, providing a weekly newsletter, or ready to welcome new subscribers to your tribe, I’ll work with you to create emails that get results.

No matter how much work you put into its creation, your product, service, or course won’t sell itself.

My sales pages are strategically crafted to highlight the benefits of your offer, overcome common objections, and point your prospects towards a clear call to action. 

Like a good blog, social content helps you build a strong relationship with your followers, while also driving sales. 

Whether you need help posting and managing your social media accounts, or you just want great content that you can utilize yourself, I can help.

Ready to take the plunge into the world of paid ads?

While a good media buyer can help you target your audience and optimize your ads, I’m here to help write the compelling copy that encourages your prospects to click.

Sometimes it benefits a business to cover a topic in depth. An Ebook is a great way to convert traffic into leads, build an email list, and sell naturally.

I can work with your published content, notes, and recordings, or I can help you take your idea from scratch and format it into an Ebook you’ll be proud to utilize for years to come.

You’ve got great ideas and you know your industry like the back of your hand. Now you just need a little help refining your content!

Whether you have rough drafts of emails, articles, or a book, I spend the time to make sure the heart of your story and your brand are communicated seamlessly.

While I will always use my published work for my personal portfolio, I am happy to give you all of the credit!

I will take the time to identify your voice, so that all content comes to your audience from you. No attribution needed, and no extra charge.

Maybe content creation isn’t your problem, but you need some marketing and scheduling help. 

I research your industry, and plan out a month’s worth of social, email, and/or blog content that includes topics, headlines, and scheduling dates so all your team has to do is write!

To make things even more painless, I now offer content templates. Even the most amateur writer can use my guide to easily create blog posts, emails, and social content on their own.

Can be purchased on their own, or included with your monthly content calendar.

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